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vendredi 2 décembre 2011


Journal of Therapeutic Biotechnology (JTB)

Journal, Therapeutic, Biotechnolgy, JTB, Biologics, industry, New Drug development

Call for editors, authors and sponsors...
Call for articles and reviews...
Call for page layout, logo, Chem Bio Draw, artistic, photographic and technical help...
Call for suggestions/improvem
Start date Journal of Therapeutic Biotechnology (JTB) Q2, 2010?

Table des matières


Krishan Maggon
Consultant Pharmaceutical Biotechnology R&D & Advisor
Geneva, Switzerland & New York, USA
Salim Djelouat
Professor Medical Analyses and Medical bacteriology / Scientific Author / knolAuteur
Formateur andragogique/pédagogique TIC (ICT Course Instructor), Luxembourg
Patrick Lahaye
Infographiste 2D & 3D, Webmaster, Belgique
Knol Publishing Guild (KPG)
Serving the publishing aspirations of Knol writers, Planet Earth

We need many more knol authors in the Team to start the Journal before the end of this year as a moderated collection.


Please write here a small introduction, ideas and why  JTB...

Commercial Use:

The name, current and future logo and content of Journal of Therapeutic Biotechnology (JTB) is protected worldwide under US Copyright Law, Bern Convention and Universal Copyright Convention. For fair use (<10 words), full citation  of the source including a direct hyperlink must be included. Use of all or any part of this knol for commercial purposes or supporting any type of commercial activity requires a formal written     license (not email) which can be requested directly from the author.  

---> Please respect the IPR (Intellectual Propriety Rights) of author's. <---

False Claims

All claims by any web based site as Publisher of this journal are false and misleading. In spite of keen interest expressed by several e-book publisher, the author has not authorized anyone to publish, sell or market this journal. 

Questions for discussion/debate

        • Publish as a collection or Book form? 
        • Nomination of Editors 
        • Function and contribution of Editors
  • Article submission
  • Sharing of page views, adsense revenue, sponsorships, coauthors etc 
  • Responsibilities 
  • Review process
  • Publication
  • Archives
  • Keyword search
  • Logo or Home Page design

JTB Editors (Proposed and not yet contacted)

Editor in Chief



Editor  USA or North America


Chief Editor Europe
Prof Salim Djelouat

Editor  India

University of Delhi

Editor Asia  Japan/China

Editor Middle East

Editor  Africa

Editor Latin America

JTB Editorial Advisory Board


( University, UK)

Director from Industry

Director Biotech company:

JTB Web Designers/Experts Team:

The first multimedia platform journal for publication with integrated or soon to be integrated articles embedded with Ability to Integrate/Embed

Images Document
Picasa Web Albums slideshow Presentation
Video Spreadsheet
Google Calendar Spreadsheet Form

Thanks are due to Mr. Jean-Antoine de Mandato (PDP, Geneva) for providing office facilities and administrative support.
The email and website of the journal will be created ASAP. Do we need a web Page or stay in knol?.

How to set up 5-10 gmail accounts for the journal?

If interested to join as sponsor, editor or contribute a paper as author, please add your comments at the knol?
Technical help for artistic, technical input, page layout, logo, web design, web hosting, site management suggestions invited from the knol community.

Our Model Knol Journal
Customized moderated collection logo
The start of the PLoS Current as a moderated collection gives us the model to follow for JTB

Examples of Journals with attractive Page Layouts:
JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association:
Canadian Medical Association Journal:
Nature Biotechnology:
Journal of Biotechnology Elsevier
Elsevier Elsevier description
Biotechnology Journal:

Sponsors, donation, funding Enquiries for Journal of Therapeutic Biotechnology (JTB)

Please contact the Editor if interested as a sponsor of JBT.

Call for Sponsors:
To all funding agencies, foundations and publishers for initial funding and start up costs for a peer reviewed online biotechnology journal.
Benefits for Sponsors
Advertise your biotech drug brand as lecture slides, popular story, voice recording, pictures, musical, film or video? High visibility, high Page view
Display Rates

Journal of Therapeutic Biotechnology   Editors :
Must be MD or PhD with minimum 5-10 years prior experience with clinical testing and therapeutic use of biotechnology derived medicines and tenured track faculty position. Academic, legal, regulatory, financial, venture capital, investors and industrial experts with experience in other aspects of biotechnology like production, scaleup, GMP, manufacture, QA, regulatory and marketing are welcome. Expert panel of editors from different regions of the world is required. A short CV with list of publications and email is required for nomination to the editorial board and will be posted in the journal. The editorial panel (>15) will elect  Chairman, 3-5 regional Vice Chairs and additional 5-8 editors of the editorial advisory board. All editors must contribute at least 1 hour per working day to the journal and 1 article per year.

Authors:  Why Publish in Journal of Therapeutic Biotechnology

  • No page charges(Save 5000-10,000 $)No extra charges for colored Figures, photographs, artwork, audio or video input (saves 3000 $)
  • Fast track status and priority review
  • Fast peer reviewed publication by 3rd week of submission.
  • A five star evaluation system
  • Round the clock editorial review due to geographic location of editors.
  • Open access to all articles
  • Greater visibility and exposure
  • Daily Page View, Comments and reviews measures Impact of your article and feedback from your audience

Priority publications supports your patents, brands and IPR
Author Declaration:
The declaration must be signed by all authors:

  • That the submission is a new creative contribution. 
  • It has not been previously submitted to any other biomedical journal. 
  • It has not been rejected by other journals. 
  • The work is original and is not copied, old recycled or plagiarised material. 
  • All rules, regulations and guidelines were adhered to for the conduct of the studies. 
  • Integrity of the data was insured by the pricipal investigator. 
  • Conflict of interest statement. 
  • Contributions of all listed authors must be specified.
Citing of self references will be limited to 20% of total 25-35 (50 for review articles) references cited.
Proof of concept should be provided in simple and clear terms.

All submitted papers will be rated within 1-2 weeks from 1* to 5* and papers with 3* or more will be published in the journal. All articles rated 3* or more will be reviewed by 2-3 editors. All other papers can be published as knol. 

Authors will have the right to challenge the star rating and can ask for evaluation by the Chairman or Vice Chair. Their
  opinion will be final.

Authors Resources

Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Writing and Editing for Biomedical Publication.

Mulford Health Science Library Instructions to authors in the health sciences 

Ethical Guidelines

World Medical Assembly  Declaration of Helsinki

Good Clinical Practise GCP 

Clinical Trials submission

All clinical trials must comply with all applicable national and international laws, rules, regulations and guidelines. Sponsors and investigators must strive to attain highest scientific, technical, analytical, medical and ethical standards.
 All papers dealing with clinical trials must be accompanied by: 

  • International Clinical trial registry number 
  • Patient Informed Consent Form 
  • Approvals by ERC/IRB and FDA/or other national health authority 
  • Signed protocol + any amendments 
  • Payment range to investigators, labs, patients 
  • Patient recruitment advertisements 
  • Case report form 
  • Drop Outs/Discontinuations and serious adverse drug reactions 
  • Drug related laboratory changes 
  • Statistical methodology 
  • Start and end date of the trial 
  • Training of investigators or meetings and monitoring statement 

For trials in low income countries

  • Compliance with WHO ethical guidelines 
  • Provision for continued drug supply to all responding patients 
  • Statement that no bribes or undue payments were made.

Good Manufacturing Practise GMP

Good laboratory Practise GLP

Animal Studies

 Writers Resources

Shastri JC Philip: Shastri JC Philip

Norman Creaney: Norman Creaney

Web Resources for Biomedical Writers

American Medical Writers Association: promotion of excellence in medical communication

Council of Science Editors: promotion of ethical practices in science

European Association of Science Editors: open to all

Instructions to biomedical authors: Instructions and links to many journals

Online Writing Laboratory of Perdue University: 

Online Dictionaries/Blogs

Directory of open access journals
Free Medical journals

Krishan Maggon                                                                            

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